Rich in history, culture and bio-diversity, Madagascar is a country with huge potential. Its people, the Malagasy, are warm and loyal and its claims to fame include vanilla and spices.

Though Madagascar is an island of great beauty, it has been burdened by colonial and international exploitation resulting in a vicious cycle of poverty. This has had devastating effects resulting in a living standard that is poorer than Ethiopia.

Currently rated as the world’s 11th poorest country by Global Finance Magazine, one of the country’s greatest needs is education.

High absentee rates, due to the need for children to help their families cause many students to fall behind and drop out of school at early ages. The average level of education in agricultural and remote areas of Madagascar is Grade 3 or less.

The need is so great.

OUR Story

Officially launched in 2004, Project Madagascar established a 21-year project that would see two completed schools. Located in the poorest neighbourhoods in the capital, these schools continue to expand and provide education and life-skills to hundreds of students.

To date, $950,000 has been raised in Australia for this project.

Our current facilities include:

CLC – Anosibe 
Kindergarten to Grade 12 with places for 340 students

CLC – Itaosy
Kindergarten to Grade 12 with places for 240 students

The project is administrated in Australia by a Toowoomba-based team who partner with a team on the ground in Madagascar, to see the project continue to reach goals.


Project Madagascar believes education and the ability to self-help in all areas of life are the keys to breaking the cycle of poverty.  Our sights are firmly set on making an investment in the future of Madagascar’s children that will impact many generations to come.


Our goals are specific to each year as we stage the progress of the development.

For 2022/2023 FNY, our financial goals are:

  • Complete Grade 12 classroom fit outs, including ceiling, stair hallway and vermin proofing
  • Establish secondary income ventures for both schools
  • Generate income through product sales online

Project Madagascar’s ultimate goal is to create 715 sustainable educational places over both schools in Antananarivo with students sitting all relevant national exams to formally complete their schooling

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