Our Focus

Breaking the Poverty Cycle

Project Madagascar believes education and the ability to ‘self-help’ in all areas of life are the keys to breaking the poverty cycle. Our sights are firmly set on making an ‘investment’ in the future of its children that will impact many generations to come.

A broad spectrum of educational opportunities for impoverished Malagasy children and young adults.

Essential facilities for education and project initiatives.

A trilingual self-paced curriculum for children from Kindergarten to Grade 12.

A locally affordable cost base.

Long term, proactive community health and life skills programs.

Expansion strategies to reach the thousands of high-risk children and the 40% of children who live in remote areas with little access to schooling.

The Project sees each child as a special individual, and recognises the huge potential of these children within the fabric of Madagascar’s future development.

All Project work is culturally sensitive and encourages the students to explore and value Madagascar’s rich culture and heritage.

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